The University of Kent has won money from the AHRC’s cultural engagement fund for its art/science project Chain Reaction!, based on an unsung hero of laboratory life, the Polymerase Chain Reaction machine (aka PCR, thermocycler, etc.)

We are looking for a short-term post-doc to work on the project from Feb-April 2013.  The work will involve some project management and the development of public-facing written materials for the final exhibition.  The latter might be a short piece of journalistic research on the PCR machine from any angle such as anthropology, sociology, history etc.  (There is an absolute gift of a story about its inventor, as it happens …)

What we’re looking for

  • Someone recently post-PhD
  • With a background in hist sci/tech or STS or science communication, broadly conceived
  • No need to have heard of PCR but a willingness to learn!

What they will get

  • Developing transferable, impact-ish skills for their CV
  • Participation in a fun project – working with artists, scientists and historians

Please respond directly and/or pass on to recent post-docs that you know.  There’s no formal deadline – it’s there for the taking by the first plausible enquirer.

To find out more, see the Chain Reaction! category on our blog Science Comma.  Informal inquiries very welcome.

Charlotte Sleigh