The Department of Philosophy at the University of Leeds will offer for 2009-10:

3 Research Preparation (PhD-track) Masters Programmes and a number of related Studentships.


MA in Philosophy

MA in History & Philosophy of Science

MA in Philosophy of Physics

For details of programmes, search  for  Philosophy,  and History and  Philosophy of Science at
[ ]

To apply for Admission to these programmes go to [ ]

For Research in the Department of Philosophy at Leeds, see   [Â ]


The following 3 Studentships are available in support of study on these programmes:

1 AHRC Research Preparation Masters award

2 Departmental MA Studentships (each covering full programme fees at  EU fee rate)

The closing date for receipt of applications for the Studentships is  April 24th (2009).

For application forms and details please contact Jenneke Stevens   [ mailto:j [dot] m [dot] stevens [at] leeds [dot] ac [dot] uk ][email protected]

For academic enquiries about Postgraduate study at Leeds, please  contact Professor John Divers
[ mailto:j [dot] divers [at] leeds [dot] ac [dot] uk ][email protected]