The SIC will hold its XXXII annual Scientific Instrument Symposium as part of the larger Congress in Manchester in July 2013.  Here is our provisional program:
Sunday July 21 evening: Congress opening reception at Manchester Museum
Monday July 22 morning: SIC / Congress excursion to Jodrell Bank Observatory
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Monday July 22 afternoon:       free
Monday July 22 evening: Congress reception sponsored by UK learned societies at the Congress Venue
Tuesday July 23 morning:        SIC paper sessions
Tuesday July 23 afternoon:      SIC paper sessions
Tuesday July 24 evening:        Congress Civic Reception at Manchester Town Hall
Wednesday July 24 morning:       SIC paper sessions
Wednesday July 24 afternoon:     SIC paper sessions
Wednesday July 24 evening:      free
Thursday July 25 morning:       SIC paper sessions
Thursday July 25 afternoon:     SIC excursion to Godlee Observatory
Thursday July 25 evening:       Congress reception at the Museum of Science and Industry
Friday July 26 morning:          SIC paper sessions
Friday July 26 early afternoon:  SIC plenary business meeting
Friday July 26 afternoon:       SIC excursion to Stonyhurst (instruments, observatories, bio specimens)
Friday July 26 evening:          dinner in Stonyhurst neighborhood
Saturday July 27 all day:       free
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The Congress homepage:
The SIC Symposium paper sessions: