To Whom It May Concern: Call for Participation

41st National Conference of the Bulgarian Teachers in Chemistry Lovech (Bulgaria) March 31st — April 2nd , 2005


Pupils today live, learn and play in a media-saturated society. For many of them the curriculum is not relevant, and they become disengaged from learning. Rapid developments in technology have brought many exciting changes to life, presenting new challenges for schools. Multiple new literacies are required to navigate the forest of signs and symbols of our globalized media culture. Globalization, immigration, poverty, terrorism, violence have created a society of increased diversity. All these change the school. Technologies, Internet and Multimedia — utilize these 21st century tools in your teacher practice. Discover how your class can enter the 21st century.

Conference Topics: Modern Educational Technologies; Modern Information Technologies.

Organizing Committee: Professor B.V. Toshev (Chair); Ms. I. Burovska, Lovech (Vice-Chair); Mr. N. Naydenov, Sofia (secretary); Dr. St. Tsakovski, Sofia (secretary); Dr. R. Petkova, Ministry of Education and Science; Mr. R. Raykov, Lovech; Mr. N. Hadzhijski, Lovech; Ms. E. Avramova (Khimiya. Bulgarian Journal of Chemical Education); Ms. G. Bezhanska, Sofia; Ms. M. Iotova (teacher), Sofia; Ms. T. Apostolova (teacher), Sofia; Mr. N. Tzankov (teacher), Blagoevgrad.

Scientific Committee: Dr. S. Beneva, University of Sofia; Dr. L. Boyanova, University of Sofia; Dr. K. Vachkov, University of Shumen; Dr. G. Ganchev, University of Stara Zagora; Dr. E. Gergova, University of Plovdiv; Dr. St. Manev, University of Blagoevgrad.

Round-Table: Chemistry Curricula and School Legislation (Mediator: Dr. St. Manev); Forum: Free discussion on teachers problems (Mediator: Ms. M. Iotova (teacher); Prospective Chemists Club: Presentation of chemistry programs of the Bulgarian higher schools (Mediator: Dr. St. Tsakovski); MEd and PhD Club: Discussion on the problems of both MEd and PhD students in the area of chemistry/science education (Mediator: H. Kalpachka, PhD student).

The present announcement is a Call for Participation in the Conference that is open for teachers, educators, students, parents, etc in Bulgaria and abroad. Everyone who is interested in that field is welcome. For additional information do not hesitate to contact:

Professor B.V. Toshev, Head of the Department of Chemistry Education, University of Sofia, 1 James Bourchier Blvd., 1164 Sofia, BULGARIA Tel.: +359 2 8629049 (office); +359 2 9625438 (fax); [email protected] (e-mail)