Call for Abstracts

“Science, Identity, and Hierarchy” Session 4S/EASST Conference, “Public Proofs-Science, Technology and Democracy” Paris, August 25-28, 2004

Session Abstract: If our worlds are thoroughly technoscientific and co-constituted by social hierarchies, such as those of gender, race, and class, how is technoscience (in the many popular and professional ways that it is constructed) at play in mediating identity formation and the reproduction of social hierarchies? How do people identify or distance themselves from science and technology? With what transformative and/or reproductive effects on social categories, hierarchies, and power arrangements? How do representations and narratives of science and social groups or individuals figure in these processes? Who produces these representations and narratives, by what means, and in what cultural, political, economic, and institutional contexts? The session is open with respect to settings (workplaces, schools, nongovernmental organizations, neighborhoods, families, etc.), time periods, and geographical locations.

Please send abstracts to [email protected] by February 12.