Announcement: A century of Discovery: Antarctic exploration and the Southern Ocean Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK 28-30 June 2004

The event celebrates the scientific work of the British National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04) aboard steam yacht Discovery – led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott – and the subsequent development of those areas of science.

Eminent speakers will deliver a two-day programme of talks exploring the history and growth of scientific research in the Antarctic (see Programme below).

An exhibition organised by the National Oceanographic Library, which will include original artefacts and documents from the Discovery Investigations Archives, will run alongside the event.

Registration for the symposium and exhibition is open to anyone with an interest in the south polar land and marine environment. To find out more see the news story on the SOC website at and the symposium website at

Deadline for registration is 28 May 2004 – see for details.


Programme – ‘A Century of Discovery: Antarctic Exploration and the Southern Ocean’

An international symposium at the Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK, 28-30 June 2004.

Monday 28 June 17:00 – 20:00 Registration and reception

Tuesday 29 June 08:30 Registration 08:50 Welcome by Professor Howard Roe, Director, Southampton Oceanography Centre 09:00 A century of Antarctic science: planning and serendipity – Professor GE (Tony) Fogg FRS 09:45 Discoverys past: Baffin to BANZARE – Dr Ann Savours (Mrs. Shirley) 10:30 Film clip followed by a break 11:30 Discovery Investigations: A clash of science, economics, diplomacy and politics – Rosalind Marsden 12:15 Film clip followed by lunch 13:30 Discovery at sea: Ships as research platforms – Dr AL (Tony) Rice 14:15 Terra Antarctica: A history of cognition and landscape – William Fox 15:00 Break 15:30 Informing Discovery: Bibliographic support for Antarctic science from Scott to present – William J Mills 16:15 From natural history to biodiversity – Professor Phillip S Rainbow 17:00 Close of the first day

19:00 Symposium Cruise on the Solent

Wednesday 30 June 08:45 The foundations of Antarctic glaciology – Dr Richard L Cameron 09:15 Modern glaciology in Antarctica – Dr David G Vaughan 09:45 From Discovery to discovery: The hydrology of the Southern Ocean, 1885-1937 – Professor Eric L Mills 10:15 Southern Ocean circulation and climate – Dr Stuart A Cunningham 10:45 Break 11:15 Antarctica before and after plate tectonics: Before – Dr Michael RA Thomson 11:45 Antarctica before and after plate tectonics: After – Dr Alan PM Vaughan 12:15 Lunch 13:15 Southern Ocean pelagic ecosystems – Dr Martin V Angel 13:45 Southern Ocean pelagic ecosystems: The era of conservation – Dr Inigo Everson 14:15 Antarctic meteorology and climatology: An unfolding story of discovery – J Malcolm Walker 14:45 Modern Antarctic meteorology and climatology – Dr John Turner 15:15 Break 15:30 The magnetic South Pole: A search for the invisible – Dr Anita McConnell 16:00 The magnetic South Pole: Its influence on the atmosphere – Dr Alan Rodger 16:30 The past and the future – Professor David WH Walton 17:00 Close of the symposium