The first meeting of 2016 will be A History of Units from 1791 to 2018, and will take place on 17 March at the National Physical Laboratory. The meeting will include talks on the history of the measurement of mass, time, temperature and electrical resistance.

The second meeting of the year will be A Poetic View of William Rowan Hamilton –  readings from sonnets written by Iggy McGovern in recognition of the life and work of the 19th-century mathematical physicist, to be held at the Institute of Physics in London on 14 June. Further meetings will follow, and will be advertised here when details are available. They are likely to include meetings on “Rutherford’s Chemists” and a history of chronometers from Harrison to Caesium. We will also be participating in the second International Conference on the History of Physics, to be held in Pöllau, Austria, in September.

The first meeting is partly sponsored by the BSHS, and registration is now open. Click here for further details.