From: Jennifer Gunn <[email protected]>

American Association for the History of Medicine meeting in Boston, Sat. May 3, 2003 Roundtable: Classroom Strategies for Teaching Women and Gender in the History of Medicine, 12 noon – 1:15 p.m.

This session at the Boston meeting was organized at the collective suggestion of the AAHM’s Women Historians group. As teachers of the history of medicine know, integrating issues of women and gender into our courses expands the intellectual framework of students. But what challenges have we faced in teaching these issues, and what strategies have been particularly effective in the classroom? Potential topics for our discussion include: integrating gender and history into medical school courses; discussing women in history of medicine courses without compartmentalizing them; integrating gender and history of medicine into general history courses; and attracting male students to topical courses with “women” or “gender” in the title. After brief comments by a panel, the session moderator will facilitate a larger discussion among panelists and attendees. The session will conclude with a syllabus exchange.

We are still taking syllabi for the syllabus exchange. To participate in this exchange, please contact session organizer Jennifer Gunn, University of Minnesota, at [email protected]. Email copies of your syllabus as attachments BY APRIL 29, 2003 to Jennifer Gunn at the above email AND to Elizabeth Toon at

[email protected], to ensure adequate time for photocopying for the exchange.

The session is free and open to all conference attendees, whether preregistered for it or not. For convenience, session participants may purchase a lunch made available by the hotel (see the AAHM conference registration forms), but this is not required in order to attend.