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AAHM Meeting: Society for Ancient Medicine Panel

///AAHM Meeting: Society for Ancient Medicine Panel

AAHM Meeting: Society for Ancient Medicine Panel




April 28-May 2, Madison, Wisconsin

The Society for Ancient Medicine and Pharmacy is proposing a panel to be held at the 2004 annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine. Unlike the panels at the American Philological Association’s annual meeting, which for obvious reasons tend to be heavily Greco-Roman in nature, we hope to develop an explicitly comparative panel, ideally with each paper illustrating a different ancient tradition. Scholars working outside the Greco-Roman tradition are therefore strongly encouraged to apply.

Submissions on any topic in ancient medicine, Eastern and Western, are therefore welcome, but of particular interest will be those dealing with the anatomy, physiology, and illnesses of the head. These may include ancient ideas concerning perception, cognition, sanity and insanity, dreams, hallucinations, and emotion in traditions where these are associated with the head or brain.

Papers should be on a topic appropriate for a 20-minute talk. In addition, the AAHM requests that papers represent original work that is not already published or in press, and hopes that contributors make their texts available for consideration by the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, their official journal.

Please send eight copies of a one-page abstract (350 words maximum). Abstracts should clearly state findings and conclusions as well as research questions. They should also provide the following information on the same sheetname, preferred mailing address, work and home telephone numbers, e-mail address, present institutional affiliation, and academic degrees. Abstracts must be received by September 1, 2003. Notification of acceptance will be sent out no later than December 15th. Abstracts should be sent to Professor Julie Laskaris, Center for Hellenic Studies, 3100 Whitehaven St., N.W., Washington, DC, 20008 (or e-mail [email protected]). For conference details, see http//www.histmed.org/meetings.htm.

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