This was the first committee following the 2005 reorganisation.

Council of the Society

Officers of Council

  • President: Prof Peter J Bowler
  • Vice-President: Prof Frank A J L James
  • Treasurer: Dr Aileen Fyfe
  • Secretary: Dr Sally Horrocks
  • Editor of BJHS: Prof Simon Schaffer

Ordinary Members of Council

  • Dr Joe Cain
  • Dr Gowan Dawson
  • Dr Patricia Fara
  • Dr Rebekah Higgitt
  • Dr Gregory Radick
  • Dr John van Wyhe
  • Sophie Weeks
  • Prof Charles Withers
  • Prof Michael Worboys

Communications Coordination Committee (CCC)

  • Newsletter Editor: Dr Rebekah Higgitt
  • Communications Secretary: Dr Suzanne Paylor
  • Website Editor: Dr James Sumner
  • Wheeler Library Director: Dr John van Wyhe

Outreach and Education Committee

  • Chair: Dr Emm Barnes
  • Dr Patricia Fara
  • Peter Fowler
  • Dr Graeme Gooday
  • Prof David Knight
  • Alice Nicholls

Programmes Committee

  • Chair: Dr Chris Chilvers
  • Dr Emm Barnes
  • Prof Janet Browne
  • Dr Geoff Bunn
  • Dr Gowan Dawson
  • Sarah Dry
  • Fern Elsdon-Baker

Finance Committee

  • Chair: Dr Aileen Fyfe
  • Dr Joe Cain
  • Dr Graeme Gooday
  • Dr Ivan Slade

Other responsibilities

  • Archivist: Dr Jon Topham
  • BJHS Reviews Editor: Dr Gregory Radick