The Centre for Modern Thought at the University of Aberdeen has been created as a site for cross-disciplinary theoretical research and theoretical inquiry bearing on global socio-historical developments and political issues. It will serve degree programmes throughout the College of Art and Social Sciences in the context of the University’s new Graduate School and will offer a stimulating environment to students seeking a high-profile Ph.D. programme staffed by internationally recognised scholars.

In the coming academic year, we aim to make a number of academic appointments (at any rank) in the following areas:

Modern Intellectual History: We seek a scholar whose work entails the capacity to address representations of history in the modern period, including Hegelian or Marxist models, and more contemporary “post-structuralist” elaborations. This individual could come from fields such as philosophy, literature, history, or sociology, but should have a strong interest in philosophy of history.

Science Studies/History of Science: An important part of the Centre’s work will be addressed to relations between the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. An individual strongly versed in the areas of history of science and theory of knowledge will play a vital role.

Theory of Art: We intend to establish strong links between the Centre for Modern Thought, the program in Art History, the Centre for Visual Culture, and initiatives underway in Aberdeen. A suitable candidate might come from a variety of fields, including architecture, film, art history, or the performing arts. We would also consider candidates whose work combines theoretical inquiry and practice.

Political Theory: The Centre’s ambition of addressing issues of broad socio-political import will be served by an individual with significant preparation in political economy and modern political theory.

Literary Theory: We seek a scholar with a strong capacity to address the questions posed to modern thought by literature. This individual should be well versed in modern continental philosophy and might also bring a special interest in psychoanalytic theory.

Scholars from any field whose work intersects with these areas are welcome to apply. Suitable candidates will have a distinguished publication record or demonstrate exceptional promise. We will accept applications until the positions are filled, but we will begin active consideration of the applications on 15 November 2005. Enquiries may be directed to Professor Christopher Fynsk, [email protected]. For further information regarding the Centre for Modern Thought and the University of Aberdeen, visit our website at:

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