The website for the David Sarnoff Library,, has been updated with a revised bibliography and new online texts, including

1. Ken Kilbon’s manuscript on the history of research at RCA, 1919-1964;

2. Ed Herold’s memoir of life as an engineer and research director at RCA (apologies for misdirected internal links), including his leadership of the shadow-mask CRT development project and RCA’s initial transistor developments;

3. A brief memoir of color television by the chief engineer of CBS’s television factory in the early 1950s;

4. Loren Jones’s letters from Moscow during RCA’s installation of Stalin’s TV system in the 1930s; and

5. B. J. Thompson’s diary of research management at the RCA Radiotron factory in Harrison, NJ, in the mid-1930s.

You can also view the world’s oldest LCD watch, not ticking but still in operation 32 years later.

These additions were made possible by several volunteers generous with their time and skill, and add significantly to a site averaging 24,000 page visits a month and highlighted last fall by the National Science Digital Library’s Scout Report for Math, Engineering and Technology.

As significant are the additions of a gift shop, membership page, and donations page in our ongoing effort to expand and diversify the Library’s support.