March 25-27, 2005 University of Texas at Austin

We are pleased to announce a three-day conference centered on the theme of African Health and Illness. We welcome papers that pose medical, cultural, sociological, methodological, and theoretical questions whether addressing relevant, recurring and urgent issues or raising neglected topics.

Papers are welcomed on virtually all topics and themes, irrespective of time, period and space, as well as interdisciplinary perspectives. Among the themes of interest are the following:

Ailments and treatments Illnesses and their meanings Administration of hospitals, gov’t programs, bureaucracy Recovery methods HIV/AIDS Healing methods (traditional, western, spiritual) The “big pharma” and other MNCs Globalization and health Sustainable health Poverty and illness The role of NGOs

Psychosocial affects and effects War and trauma The body and space Famine and other un/natural disasters Local, national and global politics History of illnesses (e.g., malaria, TB, etc) Contagion and containment Images of illness Epidemiology Health as a profession: caretakers, caregivers, providers, provisions Autobiographies of health and welfareThe conference will encompass a wide range of disciplines and perspectives. Participants will be drawn from the United States, Canada, and elsewhere, including European and African countries. Graduate students are encouraged to attend and present papers. Selected papers from the conference will be published in book form.

The deadline for submitting paper proposals is October 1, 2004. Proposals should include a 250-word abstract along with the author’s name, address, telephone, email, and institutional affiliation. All correspondence for this conference will be conducted via email. Please address all inquiries and submissions to the address below.

Toyin Falola Department of History The University of Texas at Austin 1 University Station Austin, TX 78712-0220 USA 512 475 7224 512 475 7222 (fax)

Email: toyin.falola Visit the website at