Friday 6th March 2009
University of Warwick

This one-day workshop will be the second event of a new
Multidisciplinary Research Network on The Concepts of Health, Illness
and Disease, funded by the AHRC. The network is managed by Dr Havi Carel
(UWE) and Dr Rachel Cooper (Lancaster).

For more information on the network:

Within the broader framework of the project, which examines the concepts
of health, illness and disease, this workshop will focus on mental
disorder. How is mental illness different from physical illness? What
are its unique features? What challenges does mental illness pose to
different definitions of disease?

Confirmed Speakers:
Prof Derek Bolton -tba
Dr Lisa Bortolotti – Epistemic definitions of mental disorders: benefits
and pitfalls

To register:
Please email Dr Havi Carel ([email protected]) to reserve a place for
this workshop (there is no registration fee). Some travel bursaries for
postgraduate students are available. Please email Dr Havi Carel to apply
for these.