ALL LONDON PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE RESEARCH SEMINAR, SUMMER 2004 (Jointly organised by ICL, LSE, and UCL – meetings held at LSE)

You are cordially invited to attend the following seminars:

Wednesday 5 May at 2.00 pm Hasok Chang (University College London) ‘The Prehistory of the Information Revolution’ Room: H 102 (Connaught House)

Wednesday 26 May at 2.00 pm Robert Hopkins (Sheffield) ‘Pictures and Information’ Room: T 206 (Lakatos Building)

Wednesday 9 June at 2.00 pm Andrew Mendelsohn (Imperial College London) ‘Information in Biology’ Room: T 206 (Lakatos Building)

Wednesday 16 June at 2.00 pm Ulrich E Stegmann (King’s College London) ‘Genetic Information: The Current Debate’ Room: H 104 (Connaught House)

Wednesday 23 June at 2.00 pm Vlatko Vedral (Imperial College London) ‘Quantum Information’ Room: T 206 (Lakatos Building)

For maps and directions, visit:

For further enquiries contact Roman Frigg, tel: 020 7955 7182, email: [email protected] or Stephan Hartmann, tel: 020 7955 6323, email: [email protected]