At the Boston meeting of American Philological Association, January 6-9, 2005, the Society for Ancient Medicine will sponsor a panel session featuring recent research on ideas about the development of the fetus in utero from the beginnings of Greco-Roman culture until late antiquity. Papers dealing with the topic in connection to other Mediterranean and Near Eastern civilizations in this time frame will also be considered. We are interested in papers treating both the physical and cognitive growth of the fetus as well as any directives on how to care for a pregnant woman or on methods of abortion that indicate beliefs about its development. If apropos, modern analysis and critical examination of ancient methods are welcome. Please send a summary of your paper (between 500-750 words) to arrive by 1 February 2004 and address it to: Professor Lesley Dean-Jones, Univ. of Texas, Austin, Dept. of Classics, 1 University Station C3400, Austin, Texas 78712. Details about the conference will eventually be posted on the APA’s website: <>