The American Physical Society’s Forum on the History of Physics invites scholars to present papers at the APS annual meeting which will be held May 1-4, 2004 in Denver, Colorado. Graduate students, young scholars and non-APS members are especially encouraged to attend; the APS meeting itself provides an opportunity to meet notable scientists and science managers. Funding may be available to defray costs of travel and registration fees, especially for graduate students.

The deadline for abstract submissions is January 9, 2004. Scholars who wish to give papers that present the history of physics and its interaction with culture, education, and physics research should contact Patrick McCray ([email protected]). This should be done well before the January deadline to ensure proper submission of abstracts via the APS’s new web- based system. Non-APS members who wish to present papers are welcome and arrangements will be made on an individual basis to help with the abstract submission process. Additional information about the APS and its meetings is at