The Society for Ancient Medicine (SAM) and the Centre for the History of Medicine of the University of Birmingham Medical School take much pleasure in inviting you to participate in the First European Meeting of SAM on “Anatomical Knowledge in the Ancient World: From Prehistory to Late Antiquity,” June 16-19, 2004, Birmingham, UK. Keynote speakers will be Professors Vivian Nutton and Sir Geoffrey Lloyd. The registration deadline is March 1. For registration and conference details, go to: <>

This International conference aims to bring together classicists, ancient historians, medical historians, medical practitioners, archaeologists and biological anthropologists to explore our understanding of the body in ancient medicine and philosophy. The conference will look at all aspects of anatomy and anatomical knowledge from prehistory to late antiquity, with special reference to the Classical World (and its predecessors), Europe, Egypt, the Near East, the Far East, the Indian Sub-Continent and China.

SAM is dedicated to fostering scholarly work on all areas of ancient medicine, including its impact on later traditions. It regularly holds a panel at the APA/AIA Annual Meeting in the USA and SAM members contribute to the Ancient Medicine Newsletter/Bulletin de Médecine Ancienne, with its on-line bibliography at SAM will this year also have a panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, in Madison, Wisconsin, April 29-May 2 (see <> for details). For more information about SAM, or to join (a mere $10/year!), please contact the President, Professor Lesley Dean-Jones at [email protected].