Audio recordings from a recent roundtable event focused on the patenting of life are now available online, and to download, at the IPBio website:

Participants from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds (including history, philosophy, sociology, law and policy) came together at the ISHPSSB 2013 meeting to discuss two recent headline-grabbing Supreme Court opinions: Bowman v. Monsanto and Myriad v. AMP.

Each of the speakers – Berris Charnley (Griffith University), Robert Cook-Deegan (Duke), Robin Wolfe Scheffler (Yale University), Bronwyn Parry (King’s College London), Graham Dutfield (University of Leeds), Alex McKeown (University of Bristol) and Amanda Odell-West (University of Manchester) – gave a 5-10 minute summary of the key issues involved which fed into a fascinating open-floor discussion.