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Viewpoint 105

Children Issue 105 is themed around the history of science for children. The feature article by Rebecca Onion (1-3) explores the dangerous consequences when juvenile experiments go wrong, and argues for the role of error and injury in histories of science at home. Peter Bowler continues the nostalgic theme, with his introduction to Meccano Magazine [...]

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Viewpoint 104

Supernatural Issue 104 explores the shifting relationships between the natural and supernatural worlds, across time and across the globe. There are two feature articles: Christine Ferguson commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Great War by discussing Oliver Lodge's spiritualistic testimonial, Raymond (1-4); and Joydeep Sen reveals the fascinating history and mythology behind Mumbai's engineered landscape [...]

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Viewpoint 103

Museums Issue 103 introduces the Great Exhibitions competition 2014, with a feature article from Jamie Stark and Katy Barrett of the BSHS Outreach and Education Committee (1-2), who discuss connections between academic and curatorial work, and ask what makes for a good show? Alison Boyle gives an introduction to the balancing act of curating an [...]

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Viewpoint 102

Colour/Congress This 20-page special issue of Viewpoint is themed around colour, with three feature articles exploring how colours have been identified, made, and used in the history of science. Charlotte Nicklas opens with a discussion of chemical fashions for the mid-19thC public (1-3); Simon Werrett sheds light on the origins of colour in early modern fireworks [...]

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Viewpoint 101

Emotions Issue #101 features the history of emotions: Thomas Dixon's tearful feature article (1-3) explores the science of weeping in the Shakespearean age; Katy Price (7) introduces an extraordinary and moving astronomical poem by William Empson; and Chris Millard uses the Lost Emotions Machine to recreate past emotional states with public audiences (4). The winners [...]

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BSHS Travel Guide Competition

The British Society for the History of Science is pleased to announce its first History of Science Travel Guide Competition. The BSHS Travel Guide is a growing resource for information on scientific sites around the globe, written for historians and tourists alike. We invite new submissions as part of the History of Science Travel Guide [...]

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2013 Dingle Prize awarded to David Wright

The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) is delighted to award the 2013 Dingle Prize to David Wright for Downs: The History of a Disability. Published by Oxford University Press this excellent book is a genuine attempt to engage a wide audience of non-specialists in a way that reflects some of the major [...]

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Viewpoint 100

Measurement and metrication Inspired by this significant milestone, #100 tackles the topics of how and why we measure the natural world. Sally Riordan’s feature article, ‘Perfect ten’, discusses the creation of the kilogramme (1-2). Hasok Chang questions whether water actually boils at 100 degrees (4). James Poskett is in Edinburgh, researching phrenology at the National [...]

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