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Hosts wanted for 2020 BSHS Engagement Fellows

The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) is delighted to announce the fourth round of scheme to support small and local museums, archives, galleries and libraries whose collections can be linked to themes in the history of science, technology, engineering and medicine. The aim of the scheme is to support heritage organisations [...]

Public History of Science Conference, 15-16 May 2020, Railway Museum, York

Save the date! The programme will include: Tim Boon: Introduction: Distinguishing Adjacent Disciplines: Public History of Science and its Conceptual Neighbours Sharon Babaian:  A Shattered Past Re-Made: Public History at the Canada Science and Technology Museum Manon Parry:  Medicine versus Health: Public History and Medical Museums Alex Rose and Jane Desborough: Co-curation, communities and [...]

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Photographing the Air with the Marconi Photographic Section: BSHS Engagement Fellowship

In the first post about our 2019 BSHS Engagement Fellowships, Lewis C. Smith, PhD student at the University of Essex, and Richard Anderson, Archives and Collections Lead at Essex Record Office, Chelmsford, describe the work Lewis did on the archives of the Marconi Company. That work will feed into a project to digitise the [...]

BJHS Themes: How Collections End – Available now, open access

Click here to visit the Journal's home page at Cambridge University Press. How Collections End Edited by Boris Jardine, Emma Kowal, and Jenny Bangham Collections are made and maintained for pleasure, for status, for nation or empire building, for cultural capital, as a substrate for knowledge production and for everything in between. In asking [...]

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Call for Abstracts: Special Issue on New Directions in the Historiography of Genetics

Call for Abstracts: Special Issue, Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences The historiography of genetics has radically changed in the past few decades. Gregor Mendel’s Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden is no longer simply regarded as a study of the problem of heredity (e.g., Olby 1979; Gliboff 1999; Müller-Wille and Orel 2007). The so-called “great [...]

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ICYMI: #BSHSGlobalHist – The Papers

On Wednesday 12th February 2020, the BSHS held our first ever digital conference, using Twitter to share research from all over the world on the theme of 'Global and International Histories of STEM'. We've gathered the 'papers' together here - click on a Tweet to go to Twitter and see the whole paper. [...]

BSHS Ayrton Prize 2019 Winners Announced

Every two years our Outreach and Engagement Committee awards the BSHS Ayrton Prize for digital or online engagement. After deliberating over an impressive number and variety of submissions, our judging panel have announced two joint-winners for the 2019 prize, and would like to commend a further two projects for their exceptional quality. [...]

Open to Applications: the Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme

The Lisa Jardine Grant scheme is currently open to applications. Grants are available to PhD students and early career researchers in history of science, and other interdisciplinary studies combining humanities and the natural sciences. The scheme offers funding for: Extended research trips for UK and overseas-based researchers to use the Royal Society’s own rich [...]

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‘Materia Medica’: British Society for the History of Pharmacy Annual Conference, 27th – 29th March 2020

'Materia Medica': British Society for the History of Pharmacy Annual Conference Manchester, 27th-29th March 2020 Registration is free for students For more information on the programme and booking please follow the link: Or contact the conference organiser Briony Hudson at [email protected]

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Repatriation, a short guide to some of the resources

By Johanna Parker Anyone working in collecting institutions that contain human remains are likely to have encountered the debates around repatriation.  I have worked in the area for many years as both a government employee and as part of my studies and I am often asked who are the key writers in [...]

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