The Transport History Research Trust, based in York, England, will be financially supporting a new prize to be awarded by the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M). Subject to agreement by the T2M Executive Council, the award, to be called the Barker and Robbins Prize, will be given to the best paper delivered at the T2M meeting by a recent entry to the profession. The Trust’s commitment is for GBP150 annually, initially for four years.

Andrew Scott, Director of the Trust, said: ‘I’m really pleased that the Trust is able to support the Association and scholars in this way. T2M is rapidly becoming central to the reinvigoration of the discipline of transport history around the world, and thus chimes perfectly with the Trust’s mission to encourage research in the field.’

The Prize is named after the late Theo Barker and the late Michael Robbins, perhaps best known for their jointly authored two-volume history of transport in London.

The Trust also financially supports the annual John Scholes Essay Prize, administered jointly by T2M and the Journal of Transport History.

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