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Beauty of Nature — Beauty of Science

Beauty of Nature — Beauty of Science

A symposium to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the University of Aarhus.

Programme: 9.15 James W. McAllister: What Beauty in Science Is and How It Evolves 10.15 David M. Knight: Romantic Chemistry 11.15 Peter J. Bowler: Beauty in the Living World – Natural Theology, Romanticism and the Challenge of Darwinism 14.15 Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis: Grandeur in this View of Life – The Aesthetic and Passion of Evolution 15.15 Arthur I. Miller: Einstein, Picasso – Art, Science and Aesthetics 16.15-ca. 17.00 Simon Singh: Beauty in Mathematics – The Emotion of Fermat’s Last Theorem

Participation is free. Please notice, however, that an entrance card is required. See further information at the symposium website: www.ivh.au.dk/beauty.

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