Beloved and Forsaken

May 15 to September 12, 2004

An installation by Spring Hurlbut, revealing the humble and the remarkable from the collections of The Manchester Museum

In her first exhibition in Britain, Canadian artist Spring Hurlbut creates a “museum within a museum”. “Beloved and Forsaken” is the result of Hurlbut’s year-long exploration of The Manchester Museum’s collections and other collections held by The University of Manchester. “Beloved and Forsaken” recalls the feeling of an old museum, and includes objects that have never been on public display.

In her exhibition, Hurlbut displays snakes and squid from the Museum’s Zoology department, antique dentures from the Dental School, Stinkhorn toadstools from Botany, mummy dust from Egyptology, and one of the Museum’s oldest stuffed specimens, “Mr Potter’s Cow”. Using a very personal and poetic approach, “Beloved and Forsaken” reveals unexpected connections between objects from different countries and distant times.

Beloved and Forsaken is the first exhibition of the Alchemy project. Spring Hurlbut is one of six artists on the Alchemy project exploring the material and the nonmaterial aspects of the natural world and human culture. Alchemy parallels academic and artistic research, with the research undertaken by the six artists will becoming the output of their individual projects. Visitors will see dynamic contemporary art emerging around the building. Infusing and recharging the Museum with new perspectives and ideas Alchemy has the potential to transform how we view our own cultures and heritage; questioning the boundaries and divisions of knowledge

ALCHEMY EVENINGS View “Beloved and Forsaken” after hours and join us for a talk in Cafe Muse.

Forget transforming base metals into gold! Come to our evening talks and discover Alchemy in unexpected places. Enjoy the exhibition ‘Beloved and Forsaken’ after hours, then sit back and relax in Cafe Muse for an evening of Alchemical adventure that will take you from Ancient Egyptian mysteries to Arabian cities!

5.00-6.00 pm – view ‘Beloved and Forsaken’ 6.00-7.15 pm – lecture in Cafe Muse All talks £2 Drop in, or book ahead to ensure a seat

Thursday 3 June Alchemy and Witchcraft Presented by Dr Ian Fairweather, University of Manchester and co-authored by Dr Stephen Pumfrey, University of Lancaster. Why has the “the witch” – a person of magic and mystery – fascinated and frightened us for so long? Dr Fairweather explores this figure’s transformative powers across cultures and eras.

Thursday 24 June Alchemy in Surrealist Art Dr Urszula Szulakowska, University of Leeds Discover the overlooked female artists of the Surrealist movement and their use of alchemical imagery.

Thursday 15 July Alchemy and Ancient Egypt Dr Christina Riggs, The Manchester Museum The physical and the metaphysical have been linked for millennia. Join Dr Riggs to uncover the medical and spiritual beliefs that were at the centre of ancient Egyptian culture.

Thursday 5 August Alchemy and Shakespeare Dr Richard MacKenney, University of Edinburgh Enter the magical world of the Renaissance through some of Shakespeare’s best known plays.

Thursday 26 August Early Alchemy and Baghdad Dr George Gheverghese Joseph, University of Toronto Take an historical look at Baghdad, a dynamic centre where trade brought ideas on alchemy, medicine and science together from across the globe.

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