Biological and Economic Modelling

Special Issue of *Biology and Philosophy*

Editors: Uskali Mäki, Michael Weisberg, Samir Okasha

Call for Papers

Much of biological and economic theorizing takes place by modelling, the indirect study of real-world structures by the construction and examination of models. Indeed books about biological and economic theory are often books about models, many of which are highly idealized and chosen for their explanatory power and analytical convenience, rather than fit with known data sets. Philosophers of science have recognized these facts and have developed literatures about the nature of models, modelling, idealization, and model testing for both of these disciplines. Remarkably, however, there is little overlap between the “modelling in biology” and “modelling in economics” literatures.

We invite submissions, to be published in a special issue of the journal *Biology and Philosophy*, that address any aspect of modelling in biology and/or economics. Strongest preference will be given to papers that address parallel issues in biology and economics, but we welcome papers focused on one area or the other insofar as they develop overlapping themes.

Papers should have a maximum length of 8000 words, and should be submitted by email to all three of the editors:

[email protected]

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Deadline: August 31st, 2010