Department Name Biological Sciences
Institution Name University of Chester

Departmental Information

Department Profile The Department of Biological Sciences is a modern well-equipped department with its principal focus in the Thomas Building at the centre of the University campus.
Faculty Teaching Staff Cynthia Burek; Ian McDowall; John Cartwright; Steve Lewis; Philip Wood; Lynne U. Sneddon;
Areas of Expertise Investigation of factors influencing the expression of genes involved in the aetiology of human disease; the utilisation of technology to enhance the student experience of learning, teaching and assessment; aspects of women in science; understanding the mechanisms of behaviour in fish and crustaceans using a plethora of neurobiological, physiological and molecular techniques; biological and philosophical aspects of the concepts of illness, disease and health; history of science (esp. Darwinism); the relations between science and literature; and evolutionary psychology;
Special Resources Good library on history of science; Close to specialist museums and resources at University of Liverpool

Course & Degrees

Undergraduate Courses Courses offered as part of BSc: Introduction to Animal Behaviour – Considers evolutionary and physiological approaches to animal behaviour; Adaptations to the Environment; Health and Disease of Animals; Evolution and Human Behaviour; Biology of Disease;
Research Degrees MPhil, PhD

Contact Details

Contact Name Angela Craney, Departmental Administrator
Postal Address Department of Biological Sciences
Phone +44 01244 513056
Fax +44 01244 511346
Email [email protected]