We invite your participation in the Biotech Society international conference, as an opportunity to examine biotechnology in a novel way, bringing together two research traditions that otherwise rarely meet: those who study innovation, organization and management, and those who do research in the impact of technology on society, public responses to science and environmental ethics, among others. The conference web site is at


Important dates: – Conference: September 29-30, 2003 – Dead line for abstracts: May 31, 2003 – Early registration (save 40 euros): May 31, 2003 – Late registration: August 15, 2003

The role of biotechnology in society is complex. While many heads of state, directors of national innovation agencies, business leaders and prominent scientists praise biotechnology development and, not least, investment, others express concern about costs, public opinion, environmental sustainability and legal ramifications, which makes it a hot topic in many fora. It has increasing relevance in many sectors, including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, functional foods (nutraceuticals), biomaterials, enzymes, chemistry, forestry, mining and energy. The general industry enthusiasm has fostered a growing range of other attendant phenomena: conferences, dedicated journals and web sites, trade fairs, specialized head-hunting agencies and investment agents, to name a few. Most of this activity is content-related, amplifying the financial, scientific and technological aspects of “biotech” itself; largely still missing is a wider perspective that seeks to understand and influence the overall place, impact and role that biotechnology has, and will have, with regard to the rest of society.

The Biotech Society conference aims to focus more attention on these broader dimensions of biotechnology, and in a manner that reflects the intense scrutiny of the different mainstreams of research gathered in this unusual forum. For more detailed information about the conference’s plenary sessions and thematic workshops, consult the web site:


Invited guest speakers:

Nik Brown, University of York, UK Alan Carsrud, Florida International University, USA Rob Hagendijk, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands Ilpo Helén, University of Helsinki, Finland Alan Irwin, Brunel University, UK Peter Keating, University of Quebec, Canada Shantha Liyanage, Business School of the University of Auckland, New Zealand Meureen McKelvey, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Luigi Orsenigo, Bocconi University, Italy Thomas Reiss, ISI Fraunhofer, Germany Inger-Johanne Sand, University of Oslo, Norway