On Saturday 21 February the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, will inaugurate a new feature of its public programme the 10/10 day, when we will open at 10 am, close at 10 pm, and fill the day with events on a theme. The theme for the first day is the colour blue.

Entrance to the Museum and to all events is free.


All day

Blue trail with blue prizes, begin at the Reception Desk ‘Photo-Blue’, a display of historic cyanotypes in the Basement Gallery ‘Blue on early drug jars’, a display in the Entrance Gallery

Living history in the Top Gallery

11.00 Robert Hooke, ‘The bluebottle’ 1.00 Benjamin Stillingfleet, ‘The bluestocking’ 3.00 Robert Hooke, ‘The bluebottle’ 5.00 Benjamin Stillingfleet, ‘The bluestocking’

Talks in the Basement Gallery

11.30 Dr Hazel Rossotti, ‘Blue, how so? Some science’ 12.00 Timothy Walker, ‘Is there a future for English bluebells?’ 12.30 Dr David Bryden, ‘The blueprint in engineering’ 1.00 Professor Mike Tite, ‘Blue in ancient Egypt’ 1.30 Dr Nick Eastaugh, ‘Blue pigments in painting’ 2.00 Dr Don Grainger, ‘Why is the sky blue?’ 2.30 Dinah Reynolds, ‘Blue and white china’ 3.00 Dr Mike Ware, ‘Herschel’s Cyanotype: Genius or Serendipity?’ 3.30 Dr Jonathan Price, ‘Feeling blue’ 4.00 Chris Salter, ‘Blued steel’ 4.30 Oxford English Dictionary, ‘Meanings and associations of blue’ 5.00 Nico Silins, ‘Is anything blue? Don’t ask a philosopher’

Workshops in the Education Room

2.30 Dr Nick Eastaugh, Demonstration of making Prussian blue and indigo (linked to 1.30 talk) 3.30 Dinah Reynolds, Ceramic handling session (linked to 2.30 talk)

Evening events

Top Gallery, from 7.30 Two hours of bluegrass music with ‘A Band Like Alice’

Basement Gallery, 8.00-9.15 A screening of Derek Jarman’s film ‘Blue’ by kind permission of Basilisk Communications © 1990