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Sunday 4th July

Independence Day Reception Chairs: Professor Phil Barnes, University of Huddersfield Professor Les Woodcock, Priestley Society and UMIST

13.00-17.00 Posters, exhibits and registration (after 4.00 pm)

17.00-18.00 Reception and Exhibits

18.00 Opening Announcement Vice-Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield

18.15 Welcome to Priestley’s West Riding John Goodchild Goodchild Collection and Wakefield Library

18.30 A brief historical background to “England Once More” Dr Stephen Bartle Leeds University and Priestley Society

18.45 England Once More A short play written by Adam Strickson Produced and presented by staff and students of Woodkirk High Specialist Science School, West Yorkshire.

19.30 Buffet Supper

20.00 The legacy of Joseph Priestley a 15min video courtesy of Pennsylvania Museums and Historical Commission

20.15 Introducing the Priestley-Cooper Collection Professor Walter Woodward Dickinson College Pennsylvania, USA

20.30-21:15 Priestley Society July 4th Lecture Priestley to America and the Founding Fathers Dr Priestley Toulmin Virginia, USA (Great-great-great-great-grandson of Joseph Priestley)

Monday 5th July am Early History of Chemical and Biological Sciences Chair: Dr. Joe Lee, (UMIST and Priestley Society)

09.30 Coffee and Registration

10.00 BOC Seminar Introduction to the history of industrial gases Dr Stephen Cooper British Oxygen Company

10.30 RSC Priestley Bicentennial Lecture Sponsored by RSC Bristol and West Yorkshire Sections Discovering the forces within matter Professor Sir John Rowlinson University of Oxford

11.30 Coffee and Exhibits

12.00 XVIII Century History of Electricity Professor Peter Excell University of Bradford


Lunch and Exhibits

Monday 5th July pm Early History of Chemical and Biological Sciences Chair: Professor Phil Barnes, University of Huddersfield

14.00 From Boyle to Priestley and the birth of Chemistry Dr John F. Maguire US Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

15.00 The legacy of Dr Priestley’s laboratory Professor Walter Woodward Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, USA

15.30 Tea and Exhibits

16.00 The eclipse of Isaac Newton Professor David Knight University of Durham

17.00-17.15 Discovering ‘air’ of many different kinds Ronald C Blatchley Joseph Priestley House Museum, Pennsylvania, USA

19.00 Civic Reception and Priestley Banquet MC: Dr Stephen Bartle Speakers: Ronald Blatchley “(alias )Joseph Priestley live on air”

Tuesday 6th July am Early History of Chemical and Biological Sciences Chair: Professor Alan Dronsfield, RSC Historical Division

09.30 Biology before Darwin Dr Sandra Knapp Natural History Museum, London

10.30 Dr Priestley and theories of the Brain Dr Huw Price Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, Oxford

11.00 Coffee and Exhibits

11.30 Chemistry and revolution Professor Colin Russell Open University and Cambridge University

12.30 Role of theology in the history of science Dr Kate Taylor Yorkshire Unitarians

13.00 Lunch and Exhibits

Tuesday 6th July pm Early History of Chemical and Biological Sciences Chair: Professor Derry Jones, RSC Education Division and University of Bradford

14.00 Science education in the XVIII Century Dr Norman Rose University of Birmingham

15.00 The early medicinal use of oxygen and a trip in a submarine Professor Alan Dronsfield RSC Historical Group and University of Derby

15.30 Caloric, phlogiston, chemical potential Professor Les Woodcock UMIST and Priestley Society


Close of Symposium: Tea


The British Oxygen Company Display BOC and Priestley Events

Professor Rob Brown and Hillary Haigh (RSC Huddersfield Chemical Section) A history of chemical research and teaching in Huddersfield

Professor Roy Olofson and Bob Minard (Penn State University, USA) Joseph Priestley legacy in medallions from 1783 to present

Professor Walter Woodward (Dickinson College Pennsylvania, USA) The Cooper-Priestley collection

The Joseph Priestley House Museum in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA The Legacy Video

Dr Priestley Toulmin (Alexandria, Virginia, USA) Road map to the American descendents of Joseph Priestley

Margaret Priestley-Ware and Jim Birch Roots and branches of the Priestley (UK!) family tree

Joanne Catlow (Kirklees Community Historical Section) Priestley autobiography and other museum exhibits

Dr Stephen Bartle (Priestley Society, Birstall) A new biography (2004) and Chart of Biography (1765)

Stephen Barlow and Professor Les Woodcock (Priestley Society) An Illustrated Priestley Yorkshire heritage in art

Radhika Saksena (UMIST) Joseph Priestley on the internet

Alan Naylor (Priestley Society / Spen Valley Historical Association) A Bibliography of Joseph Priestley

Dr Joe Lee (Priestley Society and UMIST) Priestley in the North West and Warrington Academy

Gordon Woods (Birmingham) Elements of Priestley: Global Chemistry with a Birmingham Emphasis