We would like to announce a new series of monographs and collected papers. It explores research practice across the disciplines and throughout history by foregrounding its technological setting:

– when the problems to be investigated are themselves the product of science and technology in the modern world,

– when technical and predictive control is sought within the technological infrastructure of models, instruments, measurements, computational methods, and media technologies,

– when research accomplishments change the world materially more so than our thinking about it.

From nanotechnology to the environmental sciences, from alchemy to pharmacy, from solid state physics to human factors research, how are problems defined, what counts as an explanation, how are findings validated, how do values enter in? And most importantly for civic observers of contemporary research: How is robustness and reliability achieved even where we lack theoretical understanding?

Members of the editorial board include Hanne Andersen (Aarhus), Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent(Paris), Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Graeme Gooday (Leeds), Don Howard (Notre Dame), Ann Johnson (South Carolina), Cyrus Mody (Rice), Maureen O’Malley (Sydney), Roger Strand (Bergen) and Nancy Tuana (Pennsylvania State). For more information write to Alfred Nordmann or Philip Good or see www.pickeringchatto.com/technoscience

Looking forward to queries, suggestions, and submissions,

Alfred Nordmann (Darmstadt Technical University)
and Philip Good (Pickering & Chatto Publishers)
[email protected]