Pickering and Chatto is pleased to announce a major new series of scholarly works on nineteenth century British science and its cultural and social contexts. The Editor and the Editorial Board invite proposals for new books for publication in the series. Although this will be primarily a monograph series, we are also willing to consider edited collections. Proposals may address any aspect of nineteenth century British science, for example “disciplines” such as geology, biology, botany, astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, and mathematics. Proposals may also focus on themes within the social sciences, natural philosophy, natural history, the alternative sciences, and popular science. In addition they may examine science in relation to one or more of its many contexts, including literature, politics, religion, class, gender, colonialism and imperialism, material culture, visual culture, and print culture. The focus will be on Britain, but we are willing to consider works with a comparative and international dimension that are centered on Britain. We seek manuscripts of high quality that may perhaps be seen by other publishers as too specialized. Our plan is to publish a first run of about 400 copies in hardcover. We welcome proposals from senior scholars as well as from recent PhDs who have revised their dissertations extensively for publication. Proposals should be eight to ten pages in length and should include a brief overview of the relevant scholarship in the field, the contribution which your work will make to the field, a breakdown of the contents by chapter, an account of the number and type of illustrations, the length, competing books, and the intended audience. As we are unable to offer contracts on prospective works, proposals should be submitted when the manuscript is complete. Send your proposals to: Bernard Lightman, 309 Bethune College, York University, 4700 Keele St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3 ([email protected]). If the proposal is considered promising then the General Editor will invite you to submit your manuscript for full evaluation. Members of the Editorial Board: William Brock, Janet Browne, Geoffrey Cantor, Fa-Ti Fan, Aileen Fyfe, Bruce Hunt, Bowdoin van Riper, Ann Shteir, Sally Shuttleworth, Robert Smith, and Jon Topham.