This conference, organized by the History Department of the University of Auckland and the “British World” international committee, will continue the highly-successful cycle of conferences held previously in Capetown (2002), Calgary (2003), and Melbourne (2004). The conference cycle seeks to enhance, broaden, and re-appraise historical discussion of the effects and implications of the British Diaspora of the 17th-20th centuries.

Conference themes include:

1) The First Neo-Britain? The USA in British World Perspective – Comparing settlement and the construction of settler cultures in the United States and the British Dominions – British-US cultural and economic relations 1783-1914 – “Colonial” relations between the East and other US regions

2) Other Worlds: The British World in Comparative Perspective – Neo-Britains and Neo-Europes: comparing migration, settlement, settler-indigenous interaction, and ecological impact in British and other European imperialisms – the British world and globalisation – constructing the past in settler societies

3) Intangible Bonds: Culture, Sport and Science in the British World – the British world and popular culture – science, technology, and technology-transfer in the British world – sport, nationalism, and “Britishness”

4) Britishness: Breaking it down and building it up – patterns of migration in the British World – Scots, Welsh, Irish and English in the British World – Anglo-Saxonism and other pan-national “British” collective identities

5) Surviving the British World: Indigenous Peoples – Indigenous Resistance and Co-operation – Indigenous Rights and Redress – Co-opted Britons? Incorporating non-Europeans into concepts of Britishness

6) Genderings and Sexualities in the British World – Women and migration in the British world – First-wave feminisms – Imperial Masculinities

These themes are not intended to be exclusive and further suggestions within the broad theme of the conference are welcome. It is anticipated that a publication will arise from the conference papers. Conference information can be found on the University of Auckland History Department web-site (

Proposals for papers and a brief CV should be sent to Dr Jennifer Frost by post at Department of History, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand, or by email at [email protected] by 1 November 2004.

The Auckland Conference organizing committee, to whom enquiries and suggestions can be directed, consists of Dr Frost, Professor James Belich, History Department, University of Auckland, [email protected], and Professor Phil Buckner, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, [email protected]