Applications for financial support of conferences, workshops and similar events should be made to the Conferences Committee and directed to the Chair of the Committee at [email protected]. The Conferences Committee supports research-oriented events associated with the history of science, broadly construed.

BSHS is committed to ensuring diversity of participation across the range of events it supports. To be eligible for sponsorship, events must be open (not ‘invitation only’) and their organisers are expected to encourage diversity of participation (amongst both speakers and audience). Organisers should ensure, where possible, that events are fully accessible.

The maximum amount available for sponsorship for the current financial year is £300 per event. Other sponsorship schemes may be available from time to time: please refer to the BSHS website. For events which are primarily public-facing, refer to the Outreach & Education Committee. For research support, refer to the Grants Committee. Please note when making your application:

  • Applications for funding must be made in advance of any event.
  • The Society will only in exceptional circumstances offer grants in advance of expenditure.
  • The financial year for BSHS is the calendar year.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Committee three times each year, after application deadlines of 15 August, 15 December and 15 April.
  • Applications should be made no more than eighteen months and no fewer than three months before the event is due to take place.

Applications must provide the following information:

  • Names, contact details and institutional affiliations (where appropriate) of key organisers.
  • The title and rationale of the event, indicating (if that is unclear) its relevance to the objects of the BSHS.
  • A draft budget for the full event.
  • A draft programme or, where that is not possible, schedule for the event.
  • The proposed venue of the event.
  • The intended purpose of the funds requested from BSHS.
  • Confirmation that the event will be open (rather than ‘invitation only’) and that steps will be taken to encourage diversity of participation and full accessibility.
  • BSHS membership status of the key organiser(s) of the event.

Your application will be acknowledged on receipt and, assuming it is complete, you can expect to hear whether or not it has been successful by the end of the month following the next application deadline.

(rev. 04/16)