The following guidance is presented to successful applicants –

Dear applicant:

  • The BSHS has agreed to award you up to £300 in support of your event.
  • If you have any questions about this award please contact the Conferences Committee Secretary (Sam Robinson: [email protected])

Please note:

  • Participation:
    • it is a condition of BSHS funding that the event should be open and where possible students and early career scholars should be encouraged to attend.
  • Publicity:
    • it is expected that the organisers will refer explicitly to BSHS support in documentation, websites and where appropriate social media.
    • it would be helpful if you could use the BSHS logo.
    • please consider displaying the BSHS banner and include leaflets about the Society’s activities in conference packs. These can be obtained via the Conferences Committee Secretary.
    • please send copies of your publicity material (including website links) to the Conferences Committee Secretary.
    • BSHS offers publicity for events it supports via the BSHS website and its social media presence. Please discuss this directly with the BSHS Communications Officer (Alison Moulds: [email protected]).
  • Report:
    • we ask that you provide a photograph and report of your meeting for the BSHS Viewpoint Please liaise with the Conferences Committee Secretary and the BSHS Viewpoint editor (Hazel Blair: [email protected]).
  • Organization:
    • the Committee may be able to offer ad hoc guidance on scheduling, publicity, budget, balance of senior/junior participants, registration or any other area where the organisers would welcome assistance. To start a conversation on these matters, contact the Conferences Committee Secretary.
  • Financial matters and making your claim:
    • the BSHS is not normally able to make advance payments.
    • where possible we ask you to obtain and submit receipts with your claim.
    • submit your claim no more than three months after the event has taken place.
    • please complete and return the claim form along with a final budget for the event.
    • financial aspects of the claim will be dealt with via the BSHS Executive Secretary ( [email protected]).

Adam Mosley ([email protected]), Chair, BSHS Conferences Committee

rev. 05/18