Great Exhibitions: BSHS Prize for Exhibits on the History of Science or Medicine 2012

The BSHS Outreach and Education Committee is pleased to announce its second ‘Great Exhibitions’ competition, kindly funded by the B.Gee bequest.

The competition is open for any public exhibition that deals with the history of science or the history of medicine. Entries are welcome from institutions in any country and exhibits may be permanent or temporary. Eligible exhibits must use artefacts or places of some kind and this may include buildings or locations, pictures, instruments, objects and books. Web-exhibits are not eligible for the prize. The closing date is 1st September 2012 and exhibits ideally should still be available for viewing until the end of November 2012. There will be two prizes of £300, one for large and one for small exhibitions. The winning exhibit will be the subject of a special feature in the BSHS’s Viewpoint magazine.

For further details and an entrance form please visit

Any further queries should be addressed to [email protected].