The Outreach and Education Committee of the British Society for the History of Science offers a prize of £250 for an original image to be used for teaching/communicating the history of science.

The winning image or images (in the case of a tie) will be announced at the OEC sessions at the BSHS conference in Manchester, June 30 2007. The winner(s) will grant permission to the BSHS to make the image(s) available for download free of charge on the BSHS OEC webpage, but will retain copyright over the image, which will be watermarked with the winning name(s) and the BSHS logo.

Eligibility: there are no restrictions on who may enter the competition; in particular, entrants need not be a member of the British Society for the History of Science. The entry may be the work of more than one individual, and if so, all must be named and details provided in the materials submitted for the prize. There is no restriction on the number of submissions any entrant may make for this prize.

Subject: any topic or topics in the history of science and or technology and or medicine. The image must not use any copyright material on which the copyright is not owned by (any of) the entrant(s).

Medium: any artistic idiom – cartoon, photograph, drawing, graphic montage, etc.

Format: for entry purposes a jpeg or TIFF image of up to 500kB file size will be accepted. More specific requirements may be made of the winning entry for display and download purposes.

Commentary: entrants may submit a text up to 500 words in MS-Word or Rich Text format to i) propose a caption for the picture, ii) explain how the image could be used for learning & outreach activities in history of science, iii) acknowledge any sources of direct or indirect inspiration for the work. iv) confirm that they have not used any copyright material on which they do not own copyright.

Submission: the image file and commentary entry should be attached to an email submitted to [email protected] with the body of the emailing giving the entrant’s i) full name ii) postal address iii) email address iv) telephone number

Deadline: 17:00 hours, 8th June 2007 (UK time)

Criteria: the judges will evaluate the images according to the following desiderata 1) originality 2) clarity & immediacy 3) breadth of appeal to diverse audiences 4) cogency of commentary The judges reserve the right to exercise discretion over aesthetic considerations.

Enquiries: any questions about this prize should be directed to [email protected]

Information on the BSHS Outreach and Education Committee can be found at