We have become aware that the postal strikes taking place across the UK have caused serious problems for some attendees; mail from London, the South East and South West, the Midlands, and Overseas has been disrupted. If you have not yet registered we advise that the best way, at the moment, to send in application forms is by email, and not through the postal services. This strike has also affected the financial arrangements, in that we are now recommending that attendees DO NOT rely on cheques sent in the mail, but rather that they arrange for a direct transfer from their bank account to ours (this is only possible for people with UK-based bank accounts). If you have sent a registration form in the mail, and received no acknowledgement, please contact the organising committee – and if there are any other queries, we can be reached at this email address [email protected] Or by phone: (0161) 275 5929 (ask to speak to Vanessa, Neil, Duncan or Sandra)

With thanks for your patience Vanessa Heggie OBO Organising Committee, BSHS Postgraduate Conference 2004