The Byzantinische Zeitschrift, the leading publication in the field of Byzantine studies, devotes half of its semestral issue to current production in all fields of Byzantine studies. As you might know, Albrecht Berger has become the new editor. He has invited me to join the team of collaborators to the bibliographical part as the responsible for the history of medicine section. I have accepted and I wish to cover the field as largely as possible, including not only the many components of medical sciences, but also the several neighboring cultures that interacted in one way or another with Byzantium.

With this message, I invite the members of the list to transmit me their work(s) on these matters, so as to make them known to the BZ readership and the international historical community. Similarly, I invite them to circulate and forward this email to colleagues with whom I cannot necessarily get in touch. I would like to follow current production as closely as possible, with not only the works from well established groups and schools, but also those from units and individuals not traditionally present in the Byzantine forum.

A first batch of entries should be sent by March 31st. Should members of the list have published anything in the last 2 years, I invite them to send it to me as soon as possible.

Here are my data:

emails: [email protected] and [email protected]

fax: + 1 202 786 2563

mail: Alain Touwaide Department of Botany – MRC 166 National Musuem of Natural History Smithsonian Institution PO Box 37012 Washington DC 20013-7012 USA

Should they wish, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact me.