Call for Authors: ABC-CLIO, History of  Science-Medicine-Technology

ABC-CLIO,  the leading publisher of academic reference works, is in the
process of developing a comprehensive 21-volume Encyclopedia of World
History  to be published in 2010. We are seeking interested scholars to
prepare 500-1500 word articles on  the History of  Science/Medicine/and

Compensation: contributors will have their names associated with the
entries they contribute and will receive access to the e-book version of
the encyclopedia for personal use. Contributors assigned 3,000 words or
more will also receive a credit of $300 towards purchase of ABC-CLIO,
Greenwood Press, and Praeger books. In order to meet review standards,
we do require that contributors hold a Ph.D, ABD, or have recognized
expertise in the field.

Please see  our web listing of all open topics  (and the sub-topic
Science) at:

If you are interested in writing 1 or more of the entries,  please send
a c.v. to:

Fred Nadis, Project Editor:  [email protected]

Jeanie Azizian, Project Coordinator: [email protected]