As most of you know, Rittenhouse has undergone a makeover as eRittenhouse. As previously, contributions related to the scientific instrument trades and use in the Americas is the primary focus. Our mandate has been broadened, as has the history of science and technology, to cover not only the manufacture, sale and use of instruments but also the social impact and influence of scientific instruments.

As new contributions are posted, PDFs of articles are also made available. At the end of June and December each year, the contributions will be combined in a final PDF version with full bibliographic data fixed for citation. Until that point, authors may make changes and/or respond to readers’ comments. The PDF will be available on the eRittenhouse site on the completion of each number in late June and December.

If you haven’t looked at the site recently, it may be accessed at

This new format has opened up some new possibilities for how we communicate and what may be submitted. The current four types of contributions are:

  1. Articles much as would have appeared in Rittenhouse;
  2. Artifact Posts — an option to profile interesting instruments or to ask the community for assistance. You may request permission to upload your contributions by contacting [email protected].
  3. Collections — profile museum or private collections. We are particularly interested in hearing about less well known collections.
  4. Book Reviews — we have not yet been soliciting publishers for review copies but if you have read, and wish to review a relevant contribution, we will consider publishing it.

Please consider adding a contribution. Contributions in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French will be considered. If you wish clarification on possible contributions, please contact me at: [email protected]. Of interest to authors, eRittenhouse is an open access journal meaning your papers are open to anyone from the time they are posted. We now also have an ISSN which is useful when citing electronic references.

There is no charge to subscribe — just send your e-mail address to: [email protected]. You will be advised periodically of new papers and postings.