Discovery and Invention: An Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society

M.E. Sharpe, a New York-based academic and reference publisher, and East River Books, a reference book producer, are seeking contributing scholars for a four-volume illustrated reference work on the history of science and technology from prehistoric times through the present-day. The project is aimed at the academic high school and undergraduate student. The General Editor is Dr. James Ciment. The encyclopedia will explore the origins, evolution, impact, and legacy of technological innovation and scientific discovery in a wide variety of fields, including agriculture, architecture, astronomy/space exploration, biology, chemistry, climate, communications, electronics, energy, food/nutrition, geology, manufacturing, mathematics, mechanics, medicine, physics, transportation, weaponry, as well as other areas. Articles will vary in length from 1,000-4,000, depending on significance of topic. Contributors will receive authorial credit, a modest cash honorarium and/or copy of the full encyclopedia set (depending on contribution length and contributor preference). If you are interested in contributing to this exciting and important reference project–one we hope will be the definitive reference work on the global history of technology and science—please visit our website for further information: Please feel free to forward this notice to any potentially interested scholars (either professors, graduate students, or qualified independent scholars).

contact person: Irene Chow, Editorial Assistant Discovery and Invention: An Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society [email protected]

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