I am seeking contributors for the third volume of a 5-volume encyclopedia on the social history of technology and invention. The encyclopedia, to be published by Facts On File, will be a history reference focusing on the cultural, social, and economic impact of each invention. The encyclopedia will include articles on such topics as household technologies, medical devices, musical instruments, communications technologies, transportation, military technologies, and electronic inventions.

It is essential to stress that this encyclopedia will be a work of history, not a technical or scientific reference. Articles will not explain, how the technology actually works (except, perhaps, very briefly and in a non-technical manner to demonstrate the originality or ingenuity behind the technology); rather, articles will examine each invention’s origins, development, and use, its influence in shaping society and civilization, and how it transformed history. The encyclopedia is intended for general audiences, and thus I am not looking for specialized articles. Each article will be between 1,500-3,000 words in length.

If you would like to contribute to this encyclopedia, please send me a statement of interest, a brief c.v./resume or biography describing your qualifications, and a small writing sample. Each entry will be signed with the author’s name, and I will be able to pay a small honorarium for each article you write.

David J. Staley, Ph.D. Editor, The Encyclopedia of the History of Invention and Technology Director, The Harvey Goldberg Program for Excellence in Teaching Department of History The Ohio State University 207 Dulles Hall 230 W. 17th Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43210 ph: 614-292-5344 Email: [email protected]