Call for Expression of Interest

“Tensions of Europe: Technology and the Making of 20th Century Europe” is a three-year old research network of the European Science Foundation that is focusing on the mutual shaping of technology and society in Europe in the past century. The project seeks to integrate the history of technology and technological change into a broader social, political, cultural and economic history of all of Europe. To this end it is extending its network further into Central and Eastern Europe and wishes to identify a greater number of scholars in this area who would like to know more about the TOE project, perhaps even to collaborate with it. The website and ten established “themes” for research are:

· Narratives on the European City · Engineering Europe: Big Technological Projects and Military Systems · Information Systems and Technology in Organisations and Society (ISTOS) · European mobility · Networking Europe · Technology and The Rise of the Consumer Society · Colonisation, Decolonisation and Aid · Technical change, the Nation State end International Exchanges · Communication · Agriculture and Food

Interested scholars are encouraged to contact Karen Freeze, TOE’s Coordinator for Central and Eastern Europe. [email protected]