The National Inventors Hall of Fame wants to increase the diversity of its candidate pool and the technologies represented, and we hope that you can assist us in that endeavor.  The National Inventors Hall of Fame was established in 1973 to honor individuals who conceived, patented, and advanced great technological achievements that have benefited our society.  The criteria for Induction require that candidates hold a U.S. patent and that they have contributed to the nation’s welfare and the progress of science, the economy, and the useful arts.  Examples of Inductees from past years include Steve Sasson, inventor of the digital camera; Esther Takeuchi, inventor of the battery that powers implantable defibrillators; George Devol, inventor of the industrial robot; Jim West and Gerhard Sessler, inventors of the electret microphone; and Yvonne Brill, inventor of the electric thruster that keeps satellites on-orbit.

We very much hope that you will be able to suggest candidates that represent diversity (women and minorities). Our goal is to consider inventors to honor in 2014, so we would appreciate hearing any suggestions as soon as possible.  In addition to names and invention information, we would be glad to receive your suggestions for sources of additional information.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum is located in Alexandria, VA on the campus of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and provides the opportunity for visitors to explore our Inductees and their achievements.  It is part of the Invent Now organization which has the goal of fostering inventor education and recognition through additional programs such as Camp Invention and the Collegiate Inventors Competition.  You can learn more about the Hall of Fame and the organization at

Thank you for your help in recognizing worthy inventors who have shaped the way we live our lives.  We will follow up to provide any additional information you might find helpful, and again, we hope you will share with us the names of inventors who have significantly changed our world.