The BSHS Postgraduate Conference is an annual event for postgraduate students from the UK and abroad. The entire conference is organised for and by postgraduates working within the History of Science, Technology and Medicine and related fields. Its purpose is to encourage links between postgraduates in these areas, who may often be isolated from others in their field of study. This conference will be an excellent opportunity to give a short paper, discuss ongoing research interests, and make contacts and friends with other students in similar fields. Our aim is for postgraduates to convene from a wide range of universities and disciplines to discuss our common interests and present our research in a friendly and receptive environment.We welcome papers of fifteen minutes in length on any aspect of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine from postgraduate students from the United Kingdom and abroad.Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words in length, using the form which can be downloaded from the webpage below, to [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> no later than Friday 12th November 2010.The abstract-form, and further information, can be found at deadline for registration and payment for attendance at the conference will be Monday 6th December 2010.Nicholas E. DuvallPhD StudentCentre for the History of Science, Technology and MedicineSimon Building, The University of ManchesterBrunswick StreetManchesterM13 [email protected]_______________________________________________philosophy-postgraduate mailing [email protected]