&HPS2 – Integrated History and Philosophy of Science University of Notre Dame March 12-15, 2009 Call for Papers

We invite the submission of individual paper abstracts for &HPS2, the second in what is to be a series of international conferences under the general heading of “Integrated History and Philosophy of Science.”

The intended scope and character of the scholarship we solicit for &HPS2 is well described by the “manifesto” for the whole series:

&HPS is distinctive in that it is both historical and philosophical at the same time. Good history and philosophy of science is not just history of science into which some philosophy of science may enter, or philosophy of science into which some history of science may enter. It is work that is both historical and philosophical at the same time. The founding insight of the modern discipline of HPS is that history and philosophy have a special affinity and one can effectively advance both simultaneously.

What gives HPS its distinctive character is the conviction that the common goal of understanding of science can be pursued by dual, interdependent means. This duality may be localized in a single work. Or it may be distributed across many works and many scholars, with parts locally devoted just to historical or philosophical analysis. Intellectual history, for example, serves this purpose. What unifies this local scholarship into an HPS community is the broader expectation that all the work will ultimately contribute to the common goal.

There is no distinct methodology that is HPS. Doing HPS does not confer a free pass to suspend the standards of one field to advance the other. It must be good history of science and philosophy, in that its claims are based on a solid grounding in appropriate sources and are located in the relevant context. And it must be good philosophy of science, in that it is cognizant of the literature in modern philosophy of science and its claims are, without compromise, articulated simply and clearly and supported by cogent argumentation.

&HPS1 was hosted in October 2007 by the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Philosophy of Science. Please visit the web site for that meeting for a sampling of the work presented there:


The deadline for submission of abstracts and symposium proposals for &HPS2 will be December 1. Decisions will be announced by January 12, 2009. In order to enable the program committee to make more informed decisions, we request somewhat longer and more detailed abstracts, on the order of 1000 words. Also, if you are aware of other submitters whose work might well be grouped with yours in a symposium session, please alert us to that fact.

Please direct your submissions to: [email protected]. Please note that we especially encourage submissions from graduate students and younger scholars. Limited financial support for graduate students and younger scholars presenting work at &HPS2 might be available.

For further information about &HPS2, please visit the conference website:


Questions can be directed to [email protected] or to:

Don Howard [email protected] 574-631-7547