Call for Papers on Visual Reasoning

Knowledge Engineering Review (a journal normally dedicated to the development of the field of artificial intelligence), plans a special issue on visual reasoning and knowledge. The topic is to be understood broadly. We welcome papers covering pictures, diagrams, thought experiments, etc. that connect to some form of reasoning (as opposed to mere illustration). And we welcome a broad range of approaches: philosophical, historical, anthropological, psychological, computational, and so on. Papers should be of interest and intelligible to a broad audience, including: working scientists and mathematicians, philosophers and historians of science, anthropologists, sociologists, and cognitive scientists.

Deadline for submission: February 28, 2009

Please send your submission electronically in Word or PDF format to one of the three editors of the special issue of KER. We strongly recommended contacting one of the editors to check the suitability of the planned submission.

James Robert Brown (Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto): [email protected]

Mélanie Frappier (History of Science and Technology, University of King’s College): [email protected]

Letitia Meynell (Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University): [email protected]