Call for Papers: Session on History of Cognitive Science

The XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology
will be held in Budapest between 28 July – 2 August, 2009. The
congress will have forty sessions and about one hundred symposia.

A special session of the congress will focus on the problems of history
of cognitive science and related topics. We invite original
contributions to the research on the broad field of cognitive science in the
context of history of interdisciplinarity.

The history of cognitive science has not yet attracted enough the
attention of professional historians of science. The two most accepted
texts on the subject (H. Gardner.s .The Mind.s New Science. (1985) and M.
Boden.s .Mind as Machine. (2006)) are done by insiders whose
stories, although providing invaluable first-hand information, are
inevitably framed by their authors. personal attitudes and academic

The aim of the session is to bring together cognitive scientists,
historians, philosophers and sociologists of science who are
interested in re-thinking and filling out the insiders. stories by
discussing the key issues in the half-century history of cognitive
science in a broader historical, philosophical and social context.

Informative and/or critical papers related to any aspect of the history
or pre-history of cognitive science are welcome but priority
will be given to texts which focus on the roots, the unfolding and the
results (especially the added value, if any) of the cognitive
interdisciplinary project, viewed as a part of the larger context of
history of interdisciplinarity.

If you are interested in the participation please visit the web site of
the congress (note that the real deadline for abstract
submission will be 6 March) and contact one of the session organizers.

The web site:

We plan to publish a book based on the presented papers.