The workshop aims to bring together specialists from the different fields of disciplinary history (mathematics, physics, astronomy, astro/cosmo-nautics, chemistry, biology, statistics, mechanical engineering, electrotechnics, IT and so on). Of central interest are contributions on issues concerning both ‘East’ and ‘West’, or contextualising Soviet or socialist sciences in an international framework. Especially PhD students and post-docs are invited to propose a paper (in English or German). The deadline for submitting a proposal of max. 1 page is June 10, 2007. A publication of the proceedings is planned.

contact: [email protected]

Dr. Stefan Rohdewald Lehrstuhl fuer Neuere und Neueste Geschichte Osteuropas und seiner Kulturen Prof. Dr. Thomas Wuensch Universitaet Passau Innstr. 25 94032 Passau Germany