The Centennial of the beginning of the First World War is approaching. The Section for the History of the Impact of Technology (WGT) at the History Dept. of the University of Stuttgart plans to arrange an international, teaching and publishing project concerning the History of Technology, Science, Medicine and Business of the First World War. It is planned, that students work on manageable topics and develop digital presentations of their results in local courses.

The target group for the corresponding results are teachers, the aim is to train the students to prepare material for educational purposes. These results are to be published altogether in a second step on a public Internet platform. An analysis of the industrialized manslaughter and of the connected developments in Sciences, Medicine, and Technology are essential for the understanding of the multifaceted phenomenon of the Great War. With this approach we are clearly distinguished from a merely encyclopedic recapitulation of well-known facts or even the utilization of the “primal catastrophe of the 20th century” as means for national formation of identity.

To investigate the First World War as a global event in an appropriate way, this call for participation is explicitly addressed to international Scientific Institutions. It will be communicated in the German, English, Polish, Russian and French language (even though English is the designated lingua franca for the project) – and Members of every other nationality or ethnic group are invited to participate at the project. We aim to publish the respective contributions at least in English and in the individual national language. This is a project without any budget it lives solemnly from the enthusiasm and the voluntary collaboration of the participant individuals and institutions.

Time Schedule: The courses should be scheduled in the Winter 2014/15 and the publication of the results in the Spring of 2015.

You are invited to communicate this Call For Participation and of course, we welcome your feedback.

Scientific Coordination: Dr. Thomas Schuetz / University of Stuttgart – Department of History – Section for the History of the Impact of Technology (WGT) / Keplerstraße 17 / 70174 Stuttgart – Germany / room 10.029 / phone: +49 711 685 84353 / Mail: [email protected]

Didactics: Dr. Sonja Petersen / University of Stuttgart – Department of History – Section for the History of the Impact of Technology (WGT) / room 10.029 / phone: +49 711 685 84354 / Mail: [email protected]